Happy Newyear, Fellow 2000+ RPG Bloggerz!!!

Happy 2012! Welcome to the Maya Calender Year of Ultimate Change. Wouldn't it be nice if that means we're going into a nice new world from this point on? Money crisis solved, unfair North-South crisis solved, climate crisis solved, more holidays and less boring work? How about that?

In that case we might also no longer recognize the world as we know it :-)

Anyway, once every while I still try to keep the lists here more up to date. Now there are over 2000 blogs, with at least 1500 mainly on table top role playing, and at least a thousand active ones, some publishing virtually every day. Like Grognardia. And I haven't even tried to list the forums or publishers. I must admit that I am impressed, deeply.

You bloggers rock.

Again, if you think I'm missing (good) stuff in these blog rolls, let me know. I'll add it.

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