Welcome to the Dark Dungeon Vaults

While waiting for an ok to join the RPG Bloggers network, I became a bit frustrated.

So, here is a current blogroll of 1000+ English Language RPG blogs, and 450+ other language blogs, to be expanded as I go. See it as a rival RPG bloggers Vault. With more blogs. Enjoy what streams along. And don't try to read 'em all before bedtime.

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Widget Problem Seems Solved!

Yeeeeeeeaaah! I just noticed the widget problem seems to be solved, in which blog rolls couldn't be updated. This means that in due time (which I'm rather short on at the moment), I'll be able to re-sort the blog entries and put them more into their own niche list.

Glad to see that others enjoy this list as much as I do - cheers to you all - also to the many terrific writers and hobbyists out there.


Widget Problem

As you may have noticed, some recent blogs that sprung up have not been added in the right blog roll yet. That's not just because I may not have noticed these (your?) blog, but also because the blog roll widget in blogger is a bit cranky. At least, I seem unable to add new enries in the older rolls. I think I'll transport them from one roll to another new widget, but as that will take some time, please have patience.

In case you have a better solution, please let me know.


Happy Newyear, Fellow 2000+ RPG Bloggerz!!!

Happy 2012! Welcome to the Maya Calender Year of Ultimate Change. Wouldn't it be nice if that means we're going into a nice new world from this point on? Money crisis solved, unfair North-South crisis solved, climate crisis solved, more holidays and less boring work? How about that?

In that case we might also no longer recognize the world as we know it :-)

Anyway, once every while I still try to keep the lists here more up to date. Now there are over 2000 blogs, with at least 1500 mainly on table top role playing, and at least a thousand active ones, some publishing virtually every day. Like Grognardia. And I haven't even tried to list the forums or publishers. I must admit that I am impressed, deeply.

You bloggers rock.

Again, if you think I'm missing (good) stuff in these blog rolls, let me know. I'll add it.


Approaching 2000

I thought I'd give you a small update of what I've been doing on this aggregator site. By now there are well over 1800 blogs on the rolls here, maybe 1900 distinct ones. Some 950+ are in the english language and mostly about role playing games. There may be a few double listings, but I try to remove these as soon as I spot them.

In addition, I now list 350+ non-english language role playing blogs, and I'm still adding. There are still many French and Portugese ones out there that I have to add as I write, but perhaps once you read this, they are added too. As special categories I added electronic rpg and MMORPG blogs, and miniatures and wargames. The last category also has well over 300 blogs now, in several languages. Many of these are about Warhammer and 40k, but many other games are represented, including the minis of straight RPGs.

I'm happy to see that more and more people find this blogroll (and my real DD2 blog, see above), so welcome to you all. I hope you have as much fun screening what rolls along as do I.



Passed the 1000 mark...

It's a bit cheating though, as only some 800 ish are in the English language. You can find these in the top blog roll, and under the intermittent, deadish and sleepy blogs. Some of the sleepy blogs woke up again, you might see, and some new ones like Zombiecowboy (Welcome!) are so proliferous that I probably move them back up again.

Currently I'm working on the other languages, like Spanish, German and French. There are more than twohundred in that little roll already, and if you speak the language you might like a few of them. It's intriguing to see how there's a lot of Vampire, Cthulhu and Pendragon in the Latin speaking zone. I have wel over 200 now, and more will soon follow.

Also, I added a separate roll for miniature dedicated blogs. As most of the currently 150+ listed are mostly about wargaming, I'm not counting them toward the grand total (yet).


Passed the 700...

As you may have noticed, I passed the 700 RPG blogs. I note that many of you out there don't just write, but write some excellent stuff too. Some of you very, very excellent stuff indeed. And (quite) a few of you have excellent noses for more good stuff - thanks for showing them to me in your blog rolls.

However, as you may also have noticed, the combined output is far too much for any man or woman to read or use. The sheer volume passing in a day on this roll kind of obfuscates the beauty of the individual posts. So, before you flee back to just reading Grognardia and forgetting the rest, a question:

Do you have any good ideas how to bring out this beauty again? How could I best split the blog roll into multiple parts to do more justice to your efforts? Showcasing what's new, and yet not cluttering your senses?

Thanks ahead for your thoughts,