Passed the 1000 mark...

It's a bit cheating though, as only some 800 ish are in the English language. You can find these in the top blog roll, and under the intermittent, deadish and sleepy blogs. Some of the sleepy blogs woke up again, you might see, and some new ones like Zombiecowboy (Welcome!) are so proliferous that I probably move them back up again.

Currently I'm working on the other languages, like Spanish, German and French. There are more than twohundred in that little roll already, and if you speak the language you might like a few of them. It's intriguing to see how there's a lot of Vampire, Cthulhu and Pendragon in the Latin speaking zone. I have wel over 200 now, and more will soon follow.

Also, I added a separate roll for miniature dedicated blogs. As most of the currently 150+ listed are mostly about wargaming, I'm not counting them toward the grand total (yet).

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