Passed the 700...

As you may have noticed, I passed the 700 RPG blogs. I note that many of you out there don't just write, but write some excellent stuff too. Some of you very, very excellent stuff indeed. And (quite) a few of you have excellent noses for more good stuff - thanks for showing them to me in your blog rolls.

However, as you may also have noticed, the combined output is far too much for any man or woman to read or use. The sheer volume passing in a day on this roll kind of obfuscates the beauty of the individual posts. So, before you flee back to just reading Grognardia and forgetting the rest, a question:

Do you have any good ideas how to bring out this beauty again? How could I best split the blog roll into multiple parts to do more justice to your efforts? Showcasing what's new, and yet not cluttering your senses?

Thanks ahead for your thoughts,

4 opmerkingen:

  1. If there was a way to tag, or categorize blogs that are primarily about one game system that would help me. It is very infrequently that a 4e or 3.5 blog has something that is useful to my old school game.

  2. @Telecanter: thanx, yes, that would be a good criterium... I was also thinking of separating OSR style and foreign language blogs from the rest. Will let the ideas cook for a while.

  3. Jaap, just wanted to thank you. I'm using your blog roll everyday.