Other Language RPG Blogs

Although there are a few links in other languages here, you might want to look in your own language, or find something to listen to instead of something to read - on RPGs.

German:   http://rsp-blogs.de/
Italian:      http://www.gdrblogs.it/
Spanish:    http://redderol.blogspot.com/ 
Portugese: http://www.rpg.blog.br/
Danish:     http://alexandria.dk/feeds
Polish:      http://planeta.wieza.org/
Finnish:    look at the sidebar in http://nitessine.wordpress.com
An RPG podcaster network (huge): RPGPodcasts.com

Meanwhile I well passed the 400 mark some time ago. I try to list only active blogs, which have been posted on at least once the last few months. So I'm probably missing a few still. Let me know who!

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  1. Hi :) I'm the owner of a french OSR Blog that you may want to add to your site : http://sourcelier.blogspot.com/