I just stumbled on a post which gives some insight into why applications to the RPG Bloggers Network take a tad long.  And maybe why their board (of dedicated hobbyists, I well suppose) seems a bit frightened of allowing "off topic" content. And why they sort of hide in anonymity.


I wasn't actively around then, so I missed the episode where the whole board considered to resign over the issue of banning a blog. Actually I can relate to this sort of turmoil, and how bad that feels. With a few dedicated friends I also ran a gamer group of around a hundred members, and we had a similar problem: a few players who made life hard for the rest. We also were not transparent enough. Or not transparent enough about not intending to be transparent. Our group kind of fell apart because of it. Or more maybe of making a big thing out of things.

Worst though was that we stayed scared for this sort of issue for the next decade. Even if we did not admit it. And that's a shame. I think 99.9% of the hobbyists is bona fide. And just playing. No more. No less. Not worth staying in trauma for.

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